Under Delusion unveils dark single, "Runaway"

Moscow based rock trio Under Delusion last week unveiled their dark single, "Runaway", which is the first slice of new music since their album "Lover" came out earlier on in the year.

"Runaway" sounds like it would have fitted in perfectly in "Lover", however, I am glad they never put it in as it may have been hidden amongst the other nine tracks. This way the track get's a full release all on its own and the trio can show off their own brand of dark rock once more to the masses.

They have a solid amount of monthly listeners on Spotify, currently, around the 25k mark and with that they've found their way into loads of playlists. Deep vocals, thick and dark guitar riffs mixed with a brooding synth and drum section means that you'll be humming the song without realising sooner or later it's that infectious.