Viscula release the video for "Seagulls"

London's Viscula last week unveiled the video for their whirling track "Seagulls". The subtle blend of psychedelia, dark wave and post-rock are all featured in the track, and the former of those three genres is heavily present in the video.

Much like the track, the video for "Seagulls" has a slightly haunting side to it, especially with the glitching visuals and dark tones being seen throughout. This isn't a track for someone who's having a trip, otherwise this may just make you so bonkers.

The song itself is entirely instrumental, with the guitar seemingly acting as the 'vocals' for the track, it's certainly a head turner, and we love it for that - hence the review. 

The band has performed in the UK, China, Poland and Russia to name a few, with a lot of shows in Ukraine - as that's where they formed back in 2002. Picking up awards in Ukraine along the way the band are located in London and looking to break it in the scene here in the UK. 

So be sure to check out the video (above) and the track (below).