Young Robin unleashes dreamy new single, "Waste My Time"

 Hailing from Perth in Western Australia we have Young Robin with their festival-ready new single, "Waste My Time". The track is the quintet's first of 2022 and follows on from their successful 2021 EP "Imago".

As soon as you click on that play button you're welcomed to their signature sound of charming indie-pop guitar hooks and hazy vocals. The track is an evolution of what the band has been doing over the past couple of years and is a great introduction for new fans to start with.

The chorus is dreamy as it gets and highlights their strengths, and in the second half it becomes more tropical with the drums going more organic, but one thing stays throughout, the way the band keeps the listener on edge - it's just heavenly indie-pop gorgeousness.

Speaking about the sogn the band says - "The song is about finding that someone that makes you forget all about your worries/anxiety and because of the value they bring to your life, you don't mind them being around, even if the both of you are wasting time."