Zenta Sato releases new single, "R U Happy?"

"R U Happy?" is Zenta Sato's first single since the release of his 2022 album "Views From The 13th Floor East", and it continues along the trend of sounding like a track written by David Bowie.

In fact David Bowie is not the only huge influence I feel that Zenta has got on this track, as the guitars sound like they've been cherry picked from a deep cut by The Beatles. 

The song was written during a tough time for Sato, and the rest of the world. While during the original lockdowns he went into his studio and made this retro sounding track, and enlisted his friend Misaco (vocalist of Misaco + Otherz) to lend additional vocals. Japan for me isn't known for cool music such as this, so head down below and enjoy.