allie lune shares charming new single, "lu's lullaby"

With a strong start to the year allie lune is back with a charming new outing, "lu's lullaby". It's the latest release from one of Brighton's rising singer-songwriters, and from the first ten seconds we were just mesmorised by her soft and soothing vocals. 

Even though Allie was born in the UK she's got strong roots to Spain and Colombia, with her previous single even being sung in Spanish. However, the new cut as previously mentioned is more slower than her previous releases. Charming guitar tones bounce off of her vocals and the warm tones that come from within is simply astonishing. If you want to listen to a bright new artist before they emerge onto the national scene I can be safe to say that allie lune might just be the next singer-songwriter to break her scene and go national. 

With a trio of songs showcasing her talents it won't be much longer before she's picked up by a label!