A.N.J.A. drops edgy new cut, "A-Bomb"

Belfast's A.N.J.A. last Friday dropped her angsty new tune "A-Bomb", which is her first single since the release of 2021's "Monoxide".

Instantly the song is very angular and angsty, suggesting that Anja might be influenced by post-punk bands such as Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes and even The Black Keys. There's an abundance of fuzz on the track helping to give it a lovely warm hue, and with her punk-ready vocals, it really adds to excitement of the single.

Speaking about the song Anja mentions - "The lyrics are a journey through dirty cityscapes and outskirts of depraved humanity.."  - going on to say "With my sound, I want to show confidence in mixing fuzzy retro punk, modern electronica and feminine energy."

It's clear to see (and hear) that A.N.J.A. has the vocal talent, but combined with the darker punk tones it showcases that Belfast has a real rock and roll star in its midst.