Ariana Fig unveils dreamy and ethereal new tune "Guilty Pleasure"

Born and raised out of South-West Canada Ariana Fig today drops her new single, "Guilty Pleasure". The new cut is her second tune of the year following on from "Maroon". "Guilty Pleasure" kicks off with a dreamy lick of piano balanced off with some almost rain-fall sounding drops of synths - what a way to kick off a track that can easily sum up the whole genre of dream-pop.

Speaking about the track she mentions - " ... "Guilty Pleasure" is about not sugar-coating what you really want even when you know it's bad for you. People, places, memories. We all like to ponder on these thoughts for some time and beat ourselves up over the "one that got away". I think there's something beautiful about accepting your flaws and desires, which is what I wanted to emulate with this song."

Ariana Fig's vocals on this are so damn ethereal throughout the single, and when they're laced upon the canvas of the hazy guitar tones and whirling synths it's borderline majestic. "Guilty Pleasure" is a showcase of Ariana's talents and what she can do, keep an eye out for her name as it sounds like she's on the rise.