Been Stellar reveals huge new track "My Honesty"

Fastly rising Been Stellar have revealed their huge new track "My Honesty", which might just be the moment the New York five-piece burst onto the worldwide stage.

Speaking of the song, Been Stellar say - " ... this is the first song we wrote after having been separated due to lockdown. We had just moved into our bunk bed apartment on the lower east side and started rehearsing in Ridgewood. It was a summer of long blistering days, since no one was quite able to work yet, so the only real space where we could do anything productive was there. After trying a bunch of different musical hats on for a week or two, this sort of just spilled out of us. That initial instrumental bit reminds me so much of the restlessness those few months brought us - it sounds like the tension of us being isolated from one another finally breaking."