Dreaming Soda share sugary new track, "Caramel"

Ah Australia, the country that never seems to disappoint me with fresh new music, and Dreaming Soda's sugary new track "Caramel" sticks to that trend.

The Indie-pop track kicks off with some shimmering synth noises backed up with retro vocals that sound like they've been lifted from an old VHS tape from home. It's a samplers heaven here with loads of interesting glitchy computer sounds intertwined with glitzy pop elements.

If you're into your alt-pop tunes then Dreaming Soda's new offering "Caramel" is right up your street - and we all have to agree that the track title suits it so well as it's just so, damn, sugary! The track is the first lifted off their forthcoming 6-track EP which is due later this year, so be sure to give them a follow to stay in touch with their musings.