Foreign Television reveals warm new tune, "Unglued"

Foreign Television is the project of singer-songwriter Francis Allen, hailing from a beautiful area of the UK, Wales. "Unglued" is his new tune and is his first single since 2020's "School Reunion". His previous cuts have been moody offerings, especially his previous track which saw him get picked up by BBC Radio, a smattering of zines and Spotify curators. 

"Unglued" is the new jam, and kicking things off when playing the track there is a warm guitar tone layered upon one another - something you hear from Americana bands over the pond. Vocally Francis has matured and the mood is set with his voice caressing the warm bass tones and helping the listener to fall in love with the track.

The combination of multiple layers of guitar and his voice is mesmerising and sets this track to be one of the best pieces of music he's written so far. Speaking about the track Francis says - " ... "Unglued" was written and recorded during one of the lockdowns. Listening back for the first time to the bit from 2:10 was one of those rare occasions when the music fits perfectly with the intention and meaning behind the song. I was dancing around the room. It's absolutely a love song!"