Hector Cottam returns with stunning new single, "Now You've Gone"

London singer-songwriter Hector Cottam last week shared his new single, "Now You've Gone". which is his first release since his debut track "I'm Not Coming Home" back in 2020. Since then he's gone on to feature in a handful of Spotify playlists and has performed a smattering of shows - and is even playing this Tuesday in London at The Victoria (in Dalston).

"Now You've Gone" is one of those tender pieces lead by piano, it reminds me of Air Traffic in places (if anyone else remembers them) - with tender vocal hooks, whirling guitar sounds and those ever commanding piano keys. It's full of atmosphere much like Radiohead's lower tracks and honestly, this feels just as big as "Karma Police" in places. Hector is one mighty talent, and if we have to wait two more years for a new single I bet it'll be worth the wait as much as "Now You've Gone" was.

Speaking about the new single he mentions - "It's a song to encourage myself and others to not be in our last days and think 'oh I wish I'd just given that a try'."