Kahone Concept shares delightful new single, "Amicably"

Hailing from Pittsburgh in the USA we have Kahone Conceptand today sees him share his delightful new single, "Amicably". Since he started releasing music back in 2015 he has recently found his stride with this song. However, he already has a huge amount of plays on his TikTok, which in turn has made his the song "Maybe" getting over half a million plays on Spotify thanks to his videos on TikTok - he's a real grinder!

"Amicably" sounds like one of those tracks that will be on the top of his 'Spotify Tiop tracks' forever and a day as it's just fantastic to listen to. The song has some smooth electronic whirls mixed in with his soothing vocals that strongly remind you of the best pop songs of the 1980s. With infectious licks of guitar baked in to the track and a smattering of horns it just screams 'Summer 2022'.

So head down below to sink your teeth into "Amicably".