Misery Kids share anthemic new single, "Without You"

Hailing from the South of England Misery Kids have recently shared their new single, "Without You", which is their first single of the year.  They tend to average releasing a song a year, but what they lack with quantity they more than make up with by the quality of their songs. Point in question would be their song "Strays" which has well over 100k plays on Spotify alone.

"Without You" is yet another one of their tunes that sounds like it's going to reach the stars. There's a shimmer of 1980s pop about this, from the tones of the guitars to the synths and even the vocal melodies too. There's so much excitement around this duo ad I have to agree it's highly deserved.

Having toured around the UK including a support slot for October Drift the band is ever on the rise, so be sure to listen to them now before your friends do!