POLYDRIVE releases new single, "By My Side"

Hailing from Tulsa in Oklahoma we have POLYDRIVE, they're a duo comprised of brothers who have been making music together for almost ten years, having met via their family (of course). Jokes aside the band are very serious, as I am. 

"By My Side" is a very grown-up love song with some wonderful moments. We have some punk-rock guitars laced upon some electronic drum pads and some vocals that wouldn't be out of place on a KennyHoopla track.

The chorus is the band summed up perfectly, with soulful vocals and a ticking guitar tone with warm tones adorning it throughout. POLYDRIVE's new single "By My Side" is the first track from the duo this year and it follows on from a huge 2021 which saw them break past the 250k play mark on Spotify. Here's to plenty more where that came from, so drop by and get stuck into one of the best bedroom-produced alt-punk/pop tracks of this year.

this new track is introducing a more refined sound that we are very proud of and excited to release more of. like all of our songs, we wrote, recorded, produced and mixed this track from ur bedroom studio in tulsa, ok. we appreciate you taking the time to give us a listen and we hope you enjoy the track.