Public Circuit reveals energetic synth-pop track, "Only In My (Dreams)"

Coming out of NYC we have Public Circuit with their frantic retro-inspired new cut "Only In My (Dreams)". The new tune acts as their second of the year following form the equally retro "Pictures".

Now as soon as you click play the track is fast-paced and is very electronic, it almost reminds me of Crystal Castles before Alice Glass left when it comes to the synth tones, and with smatterings of New Order stylings with hos shimmering it is in the chorus.

Speaking about the track Public Circuit says " ... "Only In My (Dreams)" is a high-energy track focusing on dreams; how they are lost to time and the anxious feelings of losing those moments."

The whole track sounds like a synthy polyphonic wonder-dream as it stimulates your mind, but sitting in at just over two minutes long this song certainly has protentional to be repeated a lot on loop as it's rather addictive after the first play.