Quiet Tongues drop huge debut single, "Ennui"

Today see's Quiet Tongues brand new single, "Ennui", and it's packed with lots of swagger and hooks you'd expect to find in a track by The Stone Roses. The single acts as the quartet's debut offering and sets the wheels in motion for the South-West London band to take over the airwaves.

If you're a fan of Kasabian, The Stone Roses and late Oasis tunes then "Ennui" is for you. The debut cut is laced with charming high-pitched guitar tones that just caress your ears. When you first listen to the track you're welcomed in with the warm and commanding vocals, before the huge chorus comes in to win you over. 

I'm almost certain that you would be a fan of theirs once you finish playing this track, and will no doubt be giving it multiple plays as soon as you're done here. "Ennui" is big, bold and charming tones in abundance, you need to get on this band and join the hype train - they could be huge!