Sara De Sanctis reveals dark new track, "Fading"

Following on from her single "15 Again" Sara De Sanctis - an Italian now residing in London - has revealed the follow-up, and it's a dark new one, "Fading".

"Fading" is a dark tinted track with plenty of licks of piano, enough to shake a stick at. Sara's vocals on this piece is miles above the earth, as it feels like you're soaring through pristine white clouds.

The vocals combined with the ethereal instrumentation reminds me a bit of Bjork mixed with Wild Beasts, the vocals are the main attraction here keep you hooks, however, the instrumentation all on it's own could be a masterpiece too.

Speaking about the single Sara mentions " ... "Fading" talks about the feeling of being obsessed, of neglecting oneself to the point of disappearing and losing one’s identity."

With love from the BBC and Press prize in Italy, it's clear to see that people at the top love what Sara is up to, and if you'd like to be on the journey you can give her a follow on the socials and Spotify, we hear an EP is on the horizon too!