The Buckleys reveals stunning new track, "Oops I Love You"

Rising Australian trio The Buckleys have recently released their incredibly soothing new single "Oops I Love You". Since forming back in 2019 the band has been on an almost meteoric rise which saw them record their debut album in East Iris Studios in Nashville. The album was then released via Petrol Records. They ultimately got well over 1.5million streams on Spotify and it sounds like it's well deserved!

If the first song you ever heard from The Buckleys was "Oops I Love You" then you're in for a treat. It's a happy and upbeat alt-country pop bop with some vocals that remind us of Shania Twain. There are some smooth guitar licks too, especially at the end of the choruses.

To put it bluntly, this is by far one of the most exciting new Country-based acts we've heard in a while. Good news also comes in the form of a brand new EP, titled "TAKE IT AS IT COMES" it will be released later on in the year on August 5th. While you wait head on down to their Spotify and immerse yourself in their fantastic sound.