Welcome Strawberry releases debut single, "No One Online"

Bursting out from the scene in Oakland, California we have newcomer Welcome Strawberry and they have recently released their scorching debut single, "No One Online".

The project is lead by Cyrus VandenBerghe and one thing is clear from the off, the sound he has created is a warm, fuzzy and dreamy take on shoegaze - with perhaps some grunge elements to give it that extra edge. Having been highly influenced by the 90s shoegaze scene and My Bloody Valentine the single is a rip-roarer from the get-go ensuring that you'll be a fan after the first 10 seconds.

With now being playlisted by some sizable Spotify curators and being picked up by Cherub Dream Records it honestly seems like Welcome Strawberry has had a perfect start to their adventure. I'm sure it won't end here so be sure to give them a follow and to love the track on Spotify so you get notified when a new track will drop!