Yoder reveals dreamy new cut, "Daffodils"

There's a steady trend that seems to be picking up as of late, and that is strong psychedelic acts/bands coming out of the USA. Usually when you'd hear something like Yoder's new track, "Daffodils", you'd expect them to be from down under in Australia.

"Daffodils" is more of a bedroom-pop track with a really lo-fi vibe to it, but the excitement is still there. His vocals are so vibrant and are backed up with charming and warm guitar tones mixed with some fuzzy effects. 

All written and produced on his own this is a testament to Yoder's talent and skills. The track was written back when COVID was locking the world down, and more specifically was him grieving the loss of the outdoors.

If you love lo-fi indie music, dreamy and psychadelic tunes then "Daffodils" will be right up your street, so don't waste time and give it some love now.