5ON5 share new single, "100 LOVESONGS"

Last month saw 5ON5 release their fifth single, titled "100 LOVESONGS" it's a dreamy pop tube with some slick RnB type of drumbeat complimenting it. If you remember Gym Class Heroes and how they combined rock guitars with R&B and Hip-Hop beats together then you'll love this new cut from Berlin's 5ON5.

In the single, we have some delicate guitar tones, and honestly, if the drumbeat was different this track would totally change into a pop ballad, but the way the quartet has incorporated the drums and vocals it's in a different league. Speaking about different leagues the video is a masterpiece too, the animation is beautiful to truly complement the music.

With the band getting close to the 100k stream mark on Spotify they're on the verge of breaking out, so be sure to check them out while you can!