Amber T reveals big new single, "Tightrope"

Amber T is back with yet another pop-rock bop, this time around it's "Tightrope" and it's got some delicious indie-tinted hooks as you can hear from the outset. There are some soothing guitar elements that bounce off Amber's vocals so damn well.

Amber's new tune was actually recorded at RYP Studios and was produced and mixed by Michael Smith (who's worked with Wolf Alice amongst others). It's the kind of song that wins you over vocally, regardless if it was a rock anthem or a dream-pop tune the key thing is here is that Amber's vocal range wins you over, and her powerful high tones capture your attention from the outset.

There's a clear reason why she's getting loads of plays on Spotify and being picked up by the BBC - so be sure to scroll down and smash that play button to listen to Amber T's new tune, "Tightrope".