BEAU BOULDEN releases first single of the year, "Chemicals"

Rising out of Brighton we have Beau Boulden with his amazing new single, "Chemicals". We've featured Beau on the site before with his previous single "Unfold", and based on that single we thought he was on the cusp of something amazing, and 15 months later we know exactly what he's been up to.

"Chemicals" is that track that we expected from the singer-songwriter, however, this time around it's more stripped back and soulful verses the RnB flavoured "Unfold" and his electronic-lead anthem "A Trial Run". 

Vocally it highlights all of his best moments, the captivating high tones he possesses are just so moody here, it's almost like he's singing from deep within. Musically it's more stripped back as we mentioned earlier, but there is a lovely smattering of drum samples adorning it and with some atmospheric guitar tones washing over it the song gets elevated into borderline ethereal. 

Beau Boulden constantly wows us, so why not drop over to his Spotify to check it out - and his previous cuts too.