Burning Juniper reveals debut single "She Changes the Weather"

Bursting out of the London scene is Burning Juniper and they've now revealed their strong debut single "She Changes the Weather". Coming in at under three minutes long the quartet does not hang about here, as soon as the track starts it's soaring guitar tones and thumping drums.

Vocally Ellis (lead singer and guitar) reminds me of moody Britpop acts with some hints of Brandon Flowers and the way he can grip you with just his pure emotive vocals. Instrumentally it's a solid effort too, big guitars and bass are laced with anthemic effects, and are both backed up with some of the tightest drumming I've heard on a debut single in a long time.

To put it bluntly, Burning Juniper may just be the most exciting band to emerge out of London this year, if they keep this up the sky is the limit!