Cherokee Death Cats drop charging new tune, "Shout It Out"

Swedish outfit Cherokee Death Cats has recently dropped their charging new single, "Shout It Out", which is the second track to be released by the duo since their EP "Sick" came out in 2019.

Since the release of said EP the band has hard at work securing their music in Amazon Prime original shows - namely 'HANNA' - and having one of their previous tunes appearing on a trailer for a Tony Hawks video series.

The new offering is much like the previous cuts, charging, frantic and full of exciting vocal hooks that remind us of Alice Glass mixed with the angst of Karen O. The guitars and bass open up the song and heads right off into a rip-roaring verse with Bea's punk infused vocals.

It is just under three minutes of pulsating punk hooks and vocals that feel like a lion charging at you while you try to find your bearings. Musically it's a track that will incite a fire in the bellies of anyone who sees this track performed live, pits a plenty I feel - so hurry up and check it out now!