Elias James shares his glowing new single, "Low Key Crazy"

Toronto based Elias James released his new single "Low Key Crazy" at the tail end of June, and as of late it's been playing a lot in our office. The new release is Elias' first full studio song of the year and follows on from the acoustic version of his 2021 hit "Whoever You Got". 

The new single is a rater upbeat affair with some vibrant strokes of guitar layered upon one another, all balanced off with his charming vocals. It's no wonder he has had his music played on 20+ radio stations in his native Canada, as the new single suggests he's got a knack for writing catchy and infectious hooks.

Hos vocals do have a slight Country tint to it adding to the whole overall warmth of the song, all the while ensuring that this song will not be out of place whenever the sun is out and shining. Speaking about the single Elias mentions - "They say write what you know, so this was an easy song to write from my perspective. It’s a pretty accurate description of how I felt when I first started dating my now wife. Didn’t want to seem too over-eager, even though I knew it would be something special."

If you're after something to warm you up the do be sure to give Elias James and his new single, "Low Key Crazy", a spin!