Faana reveals debut single, "Stop Running"

Czech singer-songwriter Faana has recently revealed his debut single, "Stop Running". Having moved from his native country of Czechia to pursue music he now resides in London and has since been picked up by Marquee Records - not a bad career move!

His debut effort is titled "Stop Running" and is a soulful take on soft-rock, his vocals are really dreamy and you can't even tell he is from a non-English speaking country it's so fluid. Instrumentally the guitars on here are slightly jazzy and have a warm undertone. The combination of the thick bassline and the crisp drums sets this track out from others in the genre, helping to give "Stop Running" that infectious tinge.

For a debut release, this is outstanding, it's a mixture of 70s rock elements with 90s brit-pop swagger. You can also check (or Czech...) out the video for the debut effort down below, recorded on the streets and tube of London.