Ginger May shares brand new single, "Me and You"

Ginger May has today revealed their brand new single, "Me and You", and the new offering acts as their first outing of the year following on from their 2021 "Acoustic" EP. The Tokyo-based duo has been releasing music since 2019 and has really hit the nail on the head with how they want to sound, as their previous tracks sound much like the new single.

"Me and You" starts off with a clean bassline that dances with a simplistic drum pattern, which strongly reminds me of the opening of Radiohead's "Creep" - even with the moody vocals that adorn it. The single becomes more alive as the bpm picks up not long after and bursts into life when the chorus comes. If there's something Ginger May does well it's teasing, as the build-up to the chorus was bang on the nose!

If you're looking for an alternative band from a corner of the world that's untapped to our Western ears then Ginger May's new single is certainly for you! You can listen to it below right now!