HILLSBOROUGH return with new tune, "Comin' Back For You"

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia (not Sheffield...) HILLSBOROUGH return with their second single since forming, "Comin' Back For You".

Their infectious sound carries on from their debut single because as soon as you play the tune you're instantly welcomed with a twanging guitar tone country-style drums and tambourines. Vocally it's a strong affair with captivating vocals from Phil and soothing backing vocals from Beata - both complimenting one another.

The song is a little hard to place into one genre as it blends blues-rock swagger with country-sounding guitar tones, all the while keeping the listener on the edge of their seats. If this is your first listen to the song welcome to the world of HILLSBOROUGH, they're one of the best Blues/Country bands in Australia - so head on down and give it a spin!