Kelley Cole unveils her soaring new tune, "Fantasy"

Nashville's Kelley Cole today has unveiled her soaring new tune, "Fantasy", which follows on from her 2021 debut single "Anyone". Being based in Nashville Kelley has a huge circle of musicians around her, who are also growing their fanbases - much like Kelley seems to be too!

Kelley is a producer and sound engineer in Nashville, so it's safe to say her ears are rather well tuned into what sounds great. 

The song is laced with strong guitar tones being played off against her commanding vocal hooks, with some RnB sounding drum samples the song straddles over multiple genres but without getting lost. Kelley's vocals are by far the best bit of the track for me, and it's obvious to see that her emotive vocals can easily get you singing-along (like I ended up doing by the end of the first play).

With some chunky guitars in the latter half and shimmering synths the afterthought of "Fantasy" once it's finished is to delve into her other tunes, so be sure to do that before your friends do! 

"Fantasy" is out today - head to our Spotify playlist "Pure Indie" to give it a spin.