London's Third Party Incidents drops their debut tune, "Chair"

You know that you're a music discovery fan when you hear a belter of a debut track before it's even released - yeah we're that hipster, aren't we. Today sees London quartet Third Party Incidents drop their debut tune, "Chair". The debut outing for the foursome is actually the first off their forthcoming debut EP (which will sit in at five tracks long) and is a great insight into what the band is all about.

What we have with "Chair" is a gritty punk-rock tune with a tint of Sex Pistols about them. The chorus is a whirl of deep guitar tones and angsty vocals which anyone who hates the establishment will love to rock out to. The addition of a megaphone in the breakdown at the latter third of the track is genius as it gives the track an extra dimension, almost like commentary to a brawl on the streets.

For a debut track, Third Party Incidents has blown us away with their belter of a single, if you're into punk wrap your ears around this and mosh-on!