Montrell releases expansive new single, "Clock"

Montrell just the other day released their bright new single, "Clock", which is the first since 2021's "Angel". Since the band started releasing music in 2019 they've got lots of attention in their local scenes of Leicester and London, with the band selling out The Waiting Room in North East London earlier on in the year. The big year did not stop there as the quartet flew out to Italy to play a handful of shows in Venice.

It sounds like "Clock" was written with the intention of being their calling card. It was recorded in the idyllic Cotswolds region in the South West of England and I believe the gorgeous location of where the song was recorded has translated into the song with the big chorus.

Vocally it reminds me of alt-indie/rock in the 1990s, something similar to Lightning Seeds vocalist Ian Broudie. We have some vast and atmospheric guitar tones laced with addictive synth tones that wash over them. Expansive would be a word to sum this track up well, but it's not just that as it's backed with some tremendous moments, especially the breakdown in the latter third.

Just give this song a listen already!