Nashville's Geez Louise shares new tune, "Bury the Lead"

Nashville's very own Geez Louise has just this Friday shared their brand new track, "Bury the Lead", which acts as the band's finale on their new EP "Candy Bruise".

As soon as you start the song "Bury the Lead" is powerful, you're welcomed with a drum beat that sounds like Matt Helders is behind the kit as it's so big and expansive. Next up comes the jangly guitars that Johnny Marr would be proud to have written, and finally some angelic vocals that remind me of The Big Moon.

Geez Louise is the kind of band that goes out to wow their listeners with every single song, as the finale to their EP this song has left a taste in my mouth that just wants more - and suffice to say I ended up going into their previous cuts and found some gems such as their debut single "Solipsism",

Not forgetting the bassist here as they could quite be the biggest single instrument on the whole song, it's ever-present and fills every crevice of the song. What a band Geez Louise are, we can't wait for more!