Rising outfit MARMA release new single "Like I Do" today!

The city of Stoke has a couple of well-known musicians there, firstly Robbie Williams (don't judge) and secondly Slash (yes, of Guns N' Roses) who grew up in the city. Now we have MARMA and the quintet is making waves once again.

The new offering is their first release of the year and it's filled with throwback sounds that fill me with joy. The guitar tone from the off smells like 80s new-wave, much like what The Smiths are known for. The track quickly evolves and turns into an out-and-out anthem, very reminiscent of the type of approach Catfish and the Bottlemen has with their tracks.

"Like I Do" is the final track to be released from their debut EP - "The Marma Party" - which is due to drop on the 29th of July. If you're looking for hook-laden new-wave influenced anthemic rock then MARMA's new track is for you!