Tralala releases AA-side single "Winded" / "What's the Point"

Gone are the days when a band releases a single with a B-side, and long too are the days when a band drops two bangers in one release and calls it an AA-side release... that's until Tralala dropped their new single "Winded" / "What's the Point".

Hailing from San Francisco, CA and Atlanta, GA Drew Price and Chris Trewin have been friends since 2010 and this is their fourth release since they started dropping their singles in 2020.

The sound of "Winded" reminds me of the dark and experimental tracks of Thom Yorke mixed in with some organic drum elements and piano keys. It's a warm track with a dark undertone, certainly one you'll have to listen to more than once to hear all of the elements.

"What's the Point" is the band's other side in effect, it's more relaxed and features lots of warm guitar tones you'd expect to hear on a James Bond title track or a song by The Last Shadow Puppets. This side of the release is more towards the 80s/90s sound with the new-wave synths and ghostly vocals that remind me of New Order's Bernard Sumner.

The AA-side single is set to feature on the duo's debut album, so be sure to follow them on the socials to listen to it when it's out!