SOCKiTTOME reveal's vibrant new single, "say i'm not sorry"

SOCKiTTOME has revealed his vibrant new single, "say i'm not sorry". The new offering is once again a sensational track that confirms why his music is constantly being picked up by playlist curators - it's just so damn funky.
It's so addictive you'll be grooving from the start all the way to the very end of the song. 

Speaking about his new single Matt (aka SOCKiTTOME) mentions - "I wrote this song about being single and being alone over a period of time and learning to accept that - and to really show everyone that it's okay to have that time and turn it into something positive." 

From the urgent intro you have a collection of amazing sounds, from triangle tings to zooming cars and bubble pops, this sets up the track so that the listener is aware that they're entering into one of those 'bubble-gum-pop-anthems'.

One thing about "say i'm not sorry" that we love is how sugary it is, it's both addictive and has bouncy guitars blended with drumbeats that simply means that you'll be grooving all the way to the very end of the song. 

With a great back catalogue already I feel like SOCKiTTOME won't be an 'indie' name for much longer, and with labels looking for fresh talent all over the place he might just be the next indie-pop star.