Z.A.M drops his strong debut EP, "Fun"

Sitting in at four tracks long, Z.A.M has recently dropped their debut EP, "Fun". If you like the lo-fi sounds of Darwin Deez and vibrant tones of Alfie Templeman then this EP will be something you'll be vibing to for days.

"I can't wait to hear more from this rising act."

The opening tune "Hey Girl" has a delicate guitar tones throughout it all with a cowbell heard in places - which any long time reader of this site knows that I love a good use of cowbell. The chorus has a perfectly hazy and yet warm guitar drenched over it and it certainly compliments the vocals.

In the middle of the EP is a duo of songs "Who I love" and "Fantasy", the former is fast-paced and reminds me of peak indie-rock in 2007 with rushing guitars and equally as urgent drums. The latter of the two is more of a funky and psychedelic affair, reminding us of Tame Impala if he went to space. It's a delicious track which showcases that Z.A.M is capable of some strong tunes in multiple sub-genres.

Finally the EP comes to a close with "Reflections", arguably his slowest track to date and most tender, here you can hear more of the psych sounds, but this time around you have some synths accompanying it. Z.A.M (aka Bryan) is once more one of those artists on Australia who just knows how to create a groovy track with some indie-pop tones mixed in for good measure, I can't wait to hear more from this rising act.

Z.A.M - Fun [EP]
Out of 10: 8.5/10