Bloodyarvo reveals their debut single, "Feel My Heart Sleeps"

Sitting at zero monthly listeners on Spotify is Bloodyarvo, however, the reason for that is that they have JUST launched onto the streaming service with their their debut single, "Feel My Heart Sleeps" - and my goodness what an intro to the band we have.

As debut singles go this is certainly in the 'God Tier'

Opening up with smooth almost soulful vocals and drips of guitar tones sets the mood for the rest of the song, it's slightly seductive and funky. Instrumentally in the verses it's stripped back with not too many instruments crowding it all, ensuring that you can really get a chance to hear every member of the band at their finest.

Mood-wise it reminds me of a slow Foals track but with the psychedelia nods of Tame Impala's more upbeat tracks, add some almost grunge sounding guitars and drums and this song will turn you into a fan like it did for me.

In their bio the band mentions - "It's about what Ariq (front-man) experienced during 2020 lockdown. He spent hours in shower coming up with song ideas to escape his current reality. Being apart from his bandmates, he spontaneously recorded all the instruments himself in his bedroom. The recording was finished within a couple of hours on the very same day the song was written."

As debut singles go this is certainly in the 'God Tier' , forget about A or even A+ this is one of the best tracks in this genre I've heard for a good year or two!