My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House drop banging new cut, "Going"

Hailing from Philadelphia in the USA My Cousin's Girlfriend's House are back with their third track of the year, and you can wrap your ears around "Going" right now!

... there's a great nostalgic vibe surrounding "Going".

Released just two days ago this track has potential to become one of their biggest tracks to date, for the following reasons... the guitar tone that opens the song is delicious, reminding me especially about the pop-punk scene from the late 90s and early 2000s - so right away there's a great nostalgic vibe surrounding this.

Produced and mixed by Pete Zen (who's also worked with Jet Jag and Hang Tight) he's helped take this band to the next level with some soaring guitar riffs, crashing drum fills and even with the vocals being so clean and crisp that you can learn the lyrics in no time.

The new track is lifted off their debut album (which is untitled as of writing), so if you like what you hear be sure to follow them on the socials so you don't miss it when it drops.