Asha releases stunning new single, "House With A View"

Asha has recently dropped her beautiful new single, "House With A View", which is her first release of any sort since her EP "And Better Still" came out in April of 2021. Asha first started to release music back in 2018, and it's seen her get her tunes into commercials, with the LA artist having it heard over a million times!
What a way for Asha to tease new music from her forthcoming album, "House With A View" is just simply stunning.

The intro is based around a single vocal before a delicate guitar line comes rushing in, it's here her tender and soulful vocals come in. The tones that Asha possesses remind us of a blend of Billie Eilish's lulled songs and Lana Del Rey's more acoustic tracks. The chorus is sensational too with the track feeling more folk than anything, big and fluffed-out guitars enter with a smooth bassline and crisp percussion ensuring that you're hooked in. 

As the track progresses you find yourself at one with yourself,  "House With A View" is simply stunning - what a way for Asha to tease new music from her forthcoming album. The new LP is coming out next year but based on this we can't wait much longer, imagine an album's worth of tracks such as this.