East Harbor reveal debut EP, "The Community"

East Harbor is a band from lovely Orlando, Florida, and today marks the long-awaited release of their debut EP, "The Community." Four of the songs have received over 200k plays as of the band's first day of release, indicating that the rest of the EP will be heavily played by fans.

The opening couple of tunes are the bright and vibrant "R.W.I.B (Right Where I Belong)" which really sets the tone of what's to come as it's something that you can really dance to. Following that is the equally stunning "Highlight of the Week".

The title song of the EP really take the speed of the EP down a notch, with it being extra jazzy with some more soulful guitar licks and bouncy drums, and next up is one of their best tracks to date in my opinion. "Lucid" showcases how intricate the band can be with intertwining guitar elements, RnB sounding beats and some gorgeous harmonies. In the chorus on "Lucid" is the best part of the EP for me as it feels so ethereal and almost as if you're on cloud 9.

Closing out the EP comes the fast-paced "Miss The Old You" which is the most indie-rock track they have, reminding me of The Kooks anthemic tones mixed with pop sensibilities. The horn-infused "Expect," of which also has a slick amount of funk and flair about it, serves as the EP's concluding piece. If you're looking for a taste of what the band is all about, this is the track to explore.

After listening to this EP there's no doubt they have the talent and no wonder they are where they are, so why not listen to this thrilling debut EP before everyone else does!

East Harbor - The Community
Out of 10: 9/10