Holda Sek drops debut single "At Twenty"

Released just a few hours ago was Holda Sek's debut offering, "At Twenty", and it's so fresh her Spotify stats don't even exist - but it's deserving of having thousands of listeners based on what's on show. She had, however, recorded music before under the name Healy Maye, which was eventually broadcast by BBC Introducing and received some attention from her local scene as well.
If Holda Sek keeps this up she'll be a star in no time.

Therefore, Holda Sek's debut album strongly reminds me of Billie Eilish's gloomy tones combined with Grimes' signature haunting and almost otherworldly noises. The skittering percussion and the off-kilter piano tones are prevalent throughout the song, giving it extra personality and complexity.

Speaking about the song Holda Sek mentions " ... This has been the first song I’ve truly enjoyed creating in quite some time, and I really have to credit Caezar (producer) there as his whole approach to production, and how he really takes the time to nail exactly what you want from your ‘sound’ "

What we have here is an artist we're excited about from the outset, and if Holda Sek keeps up with this sort of level in terms of how stunning her music is I'm sure she'll be a star in no time.