iHATEJON drops slick new cut, "Wake Up"

Coming out of Charlotte in South Carolina we have iHATEJON with his fizzingly smooth new dream-pop bop, "Wake Up". iHATEJON (aka Jonathan to his friends) is a singer-songwriter who has been quite the shapeshifter when it comes to his music. His first track that came out in 2020 sounds very different to this one, more rap than dream-pop, but it's all about the journey.
"Wake Up" has smooth chunks of guitar and a relentless beat, certainly it's something that one can get dreamy to.

For me it sounds like iHATEJON has found his calling here, there are still some rap vibes here with the backing track having some of those smooth chunks of guitar and a relentless beat, but what he's made this time round is something that can get dreamy to.

It's so mellow, hazy and dreamy  - yet mixed with some delicious undertones that you'd half expect to find in a RnB/Rap track. If you love this track like we did then it's amazing news as he's releasing another new cut later this month, titled "bounce it.wav" it'll on October 21st, so be sure to follow him on Spotify to be in the know!