InAir returns with anthemic new track, "Same Skies"

InAir has sensationally returned with their anthemic new track, "Same Skies". The new single is their first since the release of their debut EP, "Dreamfall", back in 2019 and by the sound of it the wait was worth it.

... the sky is the limit for this exciting three-piece.

The Guilford trio begins with a calm intro of glittering synths and chiming percussion before returning to normal service and launching into the chorus.

Regarding the chorus it's got so much meat on it, you honestly wouldn't think that the band is just a trio it's that big, and with some synths heard in the latter third of the chorus it brings back lots of memories to me of the likes of Hadouken! and Enter Shikari. InAir's outstanding sound is the product of combining several genres, and the reward of three years of waiting is this anthemic new single, "Same Skies."

With love already given to them since they were formed by Kerrang! the band has now found themselves on several rock playlists on Spotify and is close to getting over the 10k stream mark - and once that happens the sky is the limit for this exciting three-piece.