Max Edwards shares smooth new cut, "Malibu"

Max Edwards in the past couple of weeks released his slick new single, "Malibu", and it's got an incredibly smooth intro with tender strokes of guitar for an extra bite.

Having released an album's worth of singles before this one Max has certainly nailed down his sound and as a consequence he has gained a loyal following on the social channels (and especially on spotify) helping him to secure well over 125k plays on Spotify alone.

Smooth with plenty of attitude, Max Edwards is clearly on the rise.

The new offering reminds us of Easy Life with how he infused RnB beats with Indie-Pop and LoFi sounds. The vocals on the song are fantastic with only the slightest of auto-tune, either that or he's got a superb set of lungs on him!

On "Malibu" there's a real attitude with the song, with the vocals coming forwards as heart-felt and angsty but with a soft underbelly.  Having recently being playlisted by several curators I feel like this is the beginning of something special for the Vancouver artist.

The new cut is lifted from his forthcoming EP "NotMySpeed", and he mentioned this about the new song - "I wrote this song almost a year ago when I was experimenting with some different styles/genres and I always really liked the vibe of it. It took me a while to get it to where I wanted but I finally feel like it is ready to go out into the world!"

Smooth with plenty of attitude, Max Edwards is clearly on the rise, so check out his tracks to say you were there before he went viral!