Randi shares arty new cut, "Dancing with a Broken Heart"

Hailing from San Diego out in sunny California is Randi with her quirky alt-pop cut, "Dancing with a Broken Heart". The new single is her second single following her debut album "luminous", which came out back in the first quarter of 2022. 

"Dancing with a Broken Heart" picks up where the preceding single, "Always Will", left off. It's got a bit more of an upbeat BPM to it but the thick bass and synths remain with her vocals sounding a lot more optimistic here.

"Dancing with a Broken Heart" is a smooth blend of lo-fi tones with art-pop mannerisms

There are some screeching guitars laced on this one and reminds me especially about the Art-Pop scene up in Manchester in the early 2010s, back then there were a lot of small bands trying their luck with the sound, one succeeded - Everything Everything - and Randi's new cut sounds like it's got some of those elements mixed in.

Speaking about the song Randi mentions - "I wrote, recorded and produced this song about hurting and healing after a break up. There is beauty in the bad times because what goes down must come back up. This pop/rock tune is how I processed some very difficult times."

"Dancing with a Broken Heart" is a smooth blend of lo-fi tones with art-pop mannerisms, it's certainly worth a listen if you like those sub-genres. If you like what you hear then she's got plenty more on Spotify for you to delve into.