sam marke unveils tender debut track, "burden to bear"

Sam Marke, a singer-songwriter from Long Beach, California, recently released his heartfelt new song, "burden to bear." His debut track, "burden to bear" has been receiving positive reviews from his followers on TikTok and Spotify ever since it was released, and it has already made its way onto playlists.

As debut singles go this is up there with the very best!

His passionate and beautiful vocals are painted on a sweet piano as "burden to bear" begins. Our jaws are on the floor within the first few seconds because it is so dramatic and startling. His vocals in this song are among the best in the world, with parallels to Sam Smith and even James Bay's range being made.

As debut singles go this is up there with the very best, it is literally a matter of moments before someone at a music label picks this emerging star up - just do be sure to listen to the last minute, it's just so raw and emotive!

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