Tyler Elden shares energetic new single, "Fallen Idol"

New Jersey's Tyler Elden today has released just his second ever single, titled "Fallen Idol" it's got big whiffs of 90s rock mixed with smooth indie-rock tones right from the get-go. The up-tempo nature of the song is evident as the song hits the 45 second mark, here the track seemingly evolves before your eyes (or ears).
 The up-tempo nature of the song is evident ... it's got so much energy!

We just adore the distorted voices at the start, and as the song progresses, they become more ingrained. The vocal tones remind me somewhat of Liam Gallagher's nasal approach, but with more style. The massive, Arctic Monkey-like guitars that dominate the music give it such energy. The trumpets' light jazz flavor serves as a charming introduction to the music for the second half and gives the single more dimension.

The single was recorded as a collaboration by Tyler at his home studio with  producer/engineer Matt Weber (A Great Big Pile of Leaves) at the Gradwell House in Haddon Heights, New Jersey. If you love the song and the style he's got then do be sure to follow him on the socials to keep in the loop!