Aless Arias unveils shimmering new single, "45 Hours"

Sydney-based Aless Arias not too long ago released her second-ever single,"45 Hours", and since the release in June she's been since added to a handful of playlists on Spotify- which has now got the ball rolling.

The whole track is wrapped up in this shimmering dream-pop sheen, just stunning.

Back onto the new single "45 Hours" it's one of those tracks that withholds some serious talent as you can possibly hear by with her vocals soaring above the instruments in the opening minute. The single also has dreamy guitars draped on top of plinks and plonks of electronic sounds combine to create a single that straddles the line of ethereal, dreamy pop and shoegaze.

Speaking about the song Aless Arias says - " ... "45 Hours" is a moody reflection on feeling stuck in your current routine. It's about knowing there's so much more out there for you, but you're paralysed by your menial 9-5 routine." 

The whole track is wrapped up in this shimmering dream-pop sheen which is what helps "45 Hours" have that long lasting impression. Be sure to follow her on Spotify so you don't miss the next release, the way she's going I'm sure she could be a household name in Australia in no time, Triple J Hot 100 watch this space!