Cultures shares latest single, "If I Could"

12 months have passed since Cultures released a single and now the time has come. "If I Could" is the latest single from the Manchester outfit and it sounds like it's been well worth the wait. With well over 150k plays on Spotify alone the trio is now sounding like they're living up to the billing of an arena-filling act.
Cultures sound like they're well on the way to becoming an arena-filling act.

"If I Could" is laced with some amazingly catchy guitar hooks dashed throughout with sing-a-long-worthy lyrics and vocals. There's a hint of early Radiohead tones here mixed with the surfy sounds of Swim Deep. Vocally it's very strong, with most of the lyrics being easily heard over the canvas of sound which helps to solidify this track as one of the best ones they've released to date. 

If you like what you hear then be sure to check out their previous single, "I'm Not Alone", it's very atmospheric (very much like Wet mixed with Editors).